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      HF Transformer/Power Transformer


      Manufacturer:Yongfeng Nanocrystalline Products Branch
      Contact Person:Mr. Sun Origin:Haidian District,Beijing

      安泰科技 010-58712641 .pngApplications:blob.png

      ? ESP 
      ? Battery Charger for Electric Vehicles
      ? Welding Machine 
      ? Medical Equipment 
      ? Railway Powers Supply

      安泰科技 010-58712641 .pngCharacteristics and Benefits: 
      ? High saturate induction—reduce volume of transformers
      ? High permeability and low coercivity —improve efficiency, lower exciting power and reduce copper loss
      ? Low core loss —reduce temperature rise of transformers
      ? Excellent thermal stability —with the serving temperature of -55℃~+130℃ for long time

      安泰科技 010-58712641 .pngCharacteristic curves:

      安泰科技 納米晶功率變壓器性能2 010-58712641.jpg

      Comparison of Core loss  

      安泰科技 納米晶功率變壓器性能 010-58712641.jpg

      Comparison of Core Hysteresis loop

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