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    2. IPR

      AT&M attaches high priority upon IPR protection and R&D center was awarded as “Beijing patent advanced experimental institution ”and “Beijing patent illustration institution”, and also elected the practicing base for the examiners of State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO). After the establishment, the work regarding IPR has been steadily improved and the mind of protecting intellectual fruits has been remarkably strengthened. In relevant ten fields, AT&M has applied more than 300 patents totally and to date more than 200 have been authorized and more than 80 percent are patents for invention. As major R&D institution of AT&M, in 2015, the yields of patents grew steadily. R&D center schemed and applied patents in fields of green energy, advanced materials and powder metallurgy and applied 22 patents and 7 of them have been authorized. In order to avoid the industrial risk, the Powder Metallurgy Technology Institution of R&D center cooperated with patent service agent to implement the patent early-warning on “spray forming technology/high speed steel and tool and mould steels prepared by powder metallurgy”.

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